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Elite group collaboration towards common goals.

Starting your own recruitment business is more exciting than ever.

The way we recruit has shifted to encourage deeper, more purposeful relationships, whilst collaboration is the watchword for all successful entrepreneurs.

But to accelerate the chances of hitting your goals, it’s essential that the foundations of your recruitment business are solid from the start.

A recent survey highlighted that nearly all start-up recruitment agencies face the same core challenges:

  • Inefficient business processes, spending too much time on non-profit making activities
  • A lack of strategic direction, resulting in missed opportunities
  • Unobtainable business-critical services, creating an ineffective process
  • Leadership loneliness, causing silo-thinking

2020 highlighted the need for a flexible business plan, expert financial advice, a differentiating brand and marketing strategy, tech systems that don’t let you down, plus someone to challenge & support your thinking.

And that’s why recruitment agency owners are joining TROOP. Because with better efficiency, they achieve greater rewards.

In addition to the overall power of collaboration, being part of TROOP will help you become more efficient, create space, empower creative thinking, upskill, lead with purpose, reduce stress, improve mindset, enjoy working and supercharge you and your business to the next level.

Join TROOP today and access a range of tailored services to allow you to spend more time doing what you’re best at: building relationships, seizing opportunities and making money.

Recruitment is evolving. It’s time to Change The Game.

To join one of our TROOPS, contact