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The Rubik’s Cube

The Rubik’s Cube

I hated Rubik’s Cubes.

Too much time spent trying to fathom a cuboid of plastic blocks that bore no relevance to the outdoor life I truly craved. Boring, to be frank. Too fiddly. And one for the speccy kids.

Peal the coloured labels off and reposition them. Job done. Next.

In the same Room 101, toss in the Spectrum 48k. Hours waiting for the tape to whirl through loading the game, only for it default with that unfeasibly high-pitched shrill. Jet Set Willy, Chuckie Egg, Daley Thompson’s Decathlon weren’t worth the effort. (Alright, maybe Daley was).

And don’t get me started on Betamax video recorders, the Kenwood HiFi system and recording the Charts on a Sunday night.

Give me a breakfast-boxed spokey dokey wheeled Piranha BMX any day of the week!

So two things you’ll undoubtedly have noticed thus far:

1. Technology wasn’t my bag

2. And nor was patience

Indoor life wasn’t for me, either. So that’s three.

Interesting, then, that 20 years on…hang on, make that 25…27…oh, go on then, 30…I should be completely immersed in a world consumed by technology. But then, aren’t we all?!

Actually, pausing for a moment…where’d all the ‘good’ times go?

You’ll remember (or maybe you’re young enough to have been told!) the house phone with the 30-meter extension cable, Soda Streams (making a comeback), the Walkman (got!), Casio Calculator Watch (got!), Nintendo GameBoy (need!)

When I began my entirely planned career recruitment, there were no mobile phones – they came in 18 months later. Ah, the Nokia Banana! We didn’t have a PC, let alone a CRM, search was the Yellow Pages, the internet was only just becoming a ‘thing’. Not that it would ever take off anyway, of course!

Website designers were alien notions. App developers didn’t feature in even the wildest of dreams.

Card boxes held the data. Fax machines ferried crudely tippexed CVs. Your brain “all stored up there” ruled supreme (except on Friday morning. Sometimes Thursday, too).

The thing is. The actual thing is…I mean the reason for this piece, is to say this:

I’ve not grown up with technology; I’ve grown into it. We’re not proper bed-fellows but there’s respect.

I much prefer the tangibility of face-to-face. The whites of eyes, the japes, the scrapes, the bouncing of ideas, the chancing, the dancing, the jiggery-pokery, the opportunity, if you will, that human contact offers.

Don’t get me wrong, tech in recruitment is brilliant. We can no longer function without it. Embrace it, nurture it, make it work for you.

I’m off on a skirmish.