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Sharon Newey – Superfast Recruitment

Sharon Newey – Superfast Recruitment

The New Way To Create Email Campaigns That Deliver More Placements Every Week…

A talk by Sharon Newey
Owner, Superfast Recruitment


Without hacking off potential candidates and clients or compromising GDPR!!

You may have seen headlines that say… “email marketing is dead,” but it’s definitely not.

Yes, marketing automation and AI, is developing fast, and social media is still going from strength to strength…And email marketing still produces the biggest ROI on your marketing spend. Email is a powerful channel with unmatched reach for marketers that know how to use it.

Let me share a story about Rebecca, a marketing manager, who was concerned that she only had 5 candidates register for a webinar that was critical to a recruiting campaign for a major client. After guidance from Denise on how to tailor her emails for her target audience, she pressed go a second time. Within 4 hours and just 1 email later, she had an additional 26 candidates register.

What did she do differently? We reveal all in this training masterclass where we share:

· How to avoid the common email mistakes most recruiters consistently make which you can change as soon as tomorrow

· How to easily get the email address of your target candidates and clients and start the conversion process immediately

· The NEW way to write your emails so they always hit the spot

· How to use the 5 email campaigns that are working for recruitment and staffing companies now