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Recruitment Marketing 2021: COVID: The Smoking Gun

Recruitment Marketing 2021: COVID: The Smoking Gun

-Recruitment sales and marketing is a time and numbers game. 2020 was a massive distraction and disruption for the market – what do we need to do in 2021 to ensure that we spend the right time generating the right numbers?

How can recruitment marketing help with…

Data-based selling – which will be the dominant approach by 2025!

Sourcing – the average recruiter spends in excess of 13 hours a week sourcing, only to find that most of their placed candidates, were already on their internal system!

How to save time and money through recruitment marketing.

Retention – 2020 taught us some serious lessons about retaining candidates, clients, and colleagues – how can automation, and database monetisation help?

Lead generation and business development – what should recruitment marketing be doing to rebuild recruitment businesses in 2021?

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