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Are your shortlists looking sparse? Looking to give your candidates an exceptional experience?

Our partner, Hinterview, has the answer. Meet Hire 💼 

Candidates expect more from the recruitment process. Create dynamic job specs with an embedded video and an integrated application workflow. 

Here’s how 👇

Use Hire to create custom job landing pages with embedded video, enhancing the overall candidate journey with an efficient workflow. Cut down admin time by quickly sourcing video applications and candidate data according to your needs.


Engage more candidates, secure more interviews and make more placements.

🎯Engage more candidates with immersive job specs

Take candidates through an effortless workflow where they can send you video answers alongside their CV.

🔎Intelligent analytics

Get insight into how many visits a job has had and how many candidates have clicked apply.

🏆Streamline your process

Quickly and securely share and advertise job descriptions across social platforms, emails and text messages.

If you have any questions or want to see the Hinterview platform in action, book a quick 30-minute call today.