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Finding Your ‘Why’ Of D&I

Finding Your ‘Why’ Of D&I

Diversity and Inclusion is not just a box to check; diversity is in all of us, and we all want to feel included and have that sense of belonging.

Every one of us would benefit from a world, a society, and a workplace culture where everyone, no matter what their background, is treated with Fairness, Respect, Equality and Dignity – a place where we were able to show up as our whole selves, and to not have to cover or mask a key part of our identity in order to conform and ‘culture fit’.

This is what you would expect for yourself, right?

We know that with the right environment where people from all backgrounds and lived experience can thrive as themselves, and the benefits are clear.

We know that creating and nurturing an inclusive culture:

  • Helps to better understand your customers
  • Allows your people and teams to perform at their peak
  • Leverage greater levels of innovation and creativity through empowerment
  • Makes it easier to hire and retain talent because you are trusted
  • Will boost your relevance and alignment with the communities in which you serve and operate

And yet, we know ‘the facts don’t change people’. Why aren’t organisations leveraging this power, continuing instead to propagate performative actions, tokenistic hiring and not truly owning their own “D&I Playbook”?

In this session, Joanne Lockwood will explore these points, challenge the way you are thinking about D&I and elevate it to a cross-business function.


  • Why vision and values matter as a starting point
  • How to align your trajectory in terms of vector and velocity to achieve your D&I goals
  • How to measure success, and know when to course correct
  • And most importantly – finding your own “why of D&I”

Guest Speaker


Joanne Lockwood is Founder and Inclusion and Belonging specialist of SEE Change Happen.

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