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Discover Your Get-Optimal Job Advert Score

Discover Your Get-Optimal Job Advert Score

As you know, Get-Optimal is a global technology company whose core product and single point solution is Job Ad optimisation. Their core technology optimises Job Ads for diversity, inclusion and SEO using AI and ML. Some of their US customers call them an affordable Textio, a big compliment. Recently they launched a Job Ad scoring tool. The Get-Optimal scoring tool is free to use as they seek to help companies hire more quality and inclusive candidates.

The tool analyses over 71 elements of your humble job ad including the below:

  • An optimal score of between 1 and 100 of your Job Ad looking at content, engagement and readability.
  • A full review of unconscious gender bias before you publish your Job Ad
  • SEO – how are the algorithms reading and prioritising your Job Ad over competitors.

Register your company for a complimentary Job Ad report today here.

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