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Adam Dale – Sourcebreaker

Adam Dale – Sourcebreaker

Maximising ROI from your recruitment technology

A talk by Adam Dale


With an increasing amount of recruitment technology available, how do you identify what is right for your business goals & needs, and better yet, how do you ensure you’re driving value from that investment?

Cutting-edge software has the power to revolutionise your recruitment agency, making teams and individuals more efficient and engaged. However, even the world’s best technology can only drive as much value as the efficacy of its implementation, so it’s important to do it right, from the start.

In this presentation, SourceBreaker’s CRO, Adam Dale will discuss how to identify the right tech for you, and how to drive maximum return from your investment. He’ll also speak about SourceBreaker’s market-leading onboarding and client success program and how it has been designed to deliver optimum results for your business.