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The Power Of Boolean By Tooled Up Raccoons

Candidate sourcing is an art and many experienced sources will turn to Boolean to assist in their hunt.

The challenge they face is the operational process around creating, editing, storing, identifying errors and even collaborating on strings. These challenges often mean that the process slows down and therefore Boolean is not used to its full potential.

Tooled Up Raccoons created a solution that enables companies to leverage the power of Boolean and optimise the operational processes around its use and therefore ultimately optimising your candidate sourcing and business development speeds.

See the full power of the tool by watching the 16-Minute demo video below.

Latest features include:

Error detection on all Boolean strings.
List cloning
Revision history
User interface (panel view and dashboard) has had a full face lift
Can edit strings in the panel view.


Find out more about Tooled Up Raccoons here.