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The Marketing Rules Podcast from ThinkinCircles



Hear from Recruitment Marketing Specialist and Managing Director of ThinkinCircles, James Whitelock as he talks to interesting and influential people about the New Rules of Marketing, Business and Recruitment. From Storytelling to strategies.

Check out some of the engaging Marketing Rules podcasts below:


🔊 Do marketers have a roll to play in diversity, inclusion and equality with Winston B Clements

Winston B Clements returns to discuss if marketers have a role to play in diversity, inclusion and equality. If they do, what is their role and how do you make your marketing more representative?

Find out here


📨 Inbound marketing with Dan Tyre from HubSpot

If you haven’t heard of the ‘inbound marketing methodology’ then where have you been? But did you know it was Hubspot that popularised the term, they then went onto to refine it with the ‘flywheel’ approach. In this episode, James is joined with HubSpot Director and author, Dan Tyre to discuss inbound marketing.

Dan is a larger than life character with a passion for sales and marketing so have a listen as James tries to keep up.

Listen here


👨‍💻 How to grow a recruitment business using technology with Gavin Megnauth

Gavin is the Director of Digital Transformation at GQR/Wynden Stark and he talks to James about how GQR has used technology to grow every part of their business and how he sees the future of recruitment technology.

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