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The code

Ethical, inclusive recruitment, driven by purpose, passion and precision.

The Code is a values-led agreement between a collaborative network of highly talented specialist recruitment consultancies, for whom enriched, purposeful, relationships is the beacon of success.

The Code ensures network members remain transparent, loyal and accountable to each other and the clients and candidates they represent.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) is paramount, whilst deep-rooted in The Code are aligned core values: 

Trust. Respect. Honesty. 

So for hiring companies and candidates, working with our network members is assurance of a relationship based on integrity. 

The Code also pledges that members will at all times:

  1. Work ethically
  2. Act responsibly 
  3. Champion inclusivity 
  4. Respect all jobseekers
  5. Put purpose before profit

And with sector coverage ranging from aquaculture to zoology, our network has every skillset, job title, seniority and location covered.

Our member network is endorsed by 100s of brands across the globe, including: Nestle, Cornerstone…

Work with us and experience optimum recruitment solutions.

The Code is an initiative from the MembersOnly recruitment leader network.