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Tooled Up Racoons

Tooled Up Racoons

Company Description

Tooled Up Raccoons was founded by recruiters who got fed up with inefficiencies in the hiring process and found that the only solutions in the market were overcomplicated and overpriced. 

Each Raccoon unleashed from the Tooled Up Raccoons academy will be focused on addressing a specific recruiter challenge and will be priced to make it accessible to everyone in the marketplace.

Product & Service details:
The first Raccoon to be released from the Tooled Up Raccoon Academy, is Boo the Boolean

➡️ Fed up of wasting time wading through irrelevant candidate profiles and getting beaten
by competitors to top talent?

➡️ Bored of creating Boolean strings from scratch every time and not ever updating existing
strings because you are too busy?

➡️ Frustrated that there is no easy way of storing or editing your Boolean strings?

➡️ Feel overwhelmed at the thought of editing your long Boolean strings as they have
become so complicated?

➡️Tired of building Boolean strings alone?

Boo will save you time, help you find candidates quicker and ultimately make you more
competitive! All by simply helping you leverage the power of Boolean.



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