Sterling Debt Recovery

Company Description

Working on a commission only basis, Sterling Debt Recovery has been collecting debts for recruitment agencies since 2007. Since then the recruitment sector has become the main focus of our debt collection business with our specialist agents dedicated solely to debt recovery for recruitment agency clients. We work regularly with over 300 agencies as and when they need us. Our clients range from sole traders to $1.5bn turnover multi-nationals.

In other sectors most debts are simple late payments. In the recruitment sector however, invoices are often disputed. Sterling is particularly successful in collecting back door hire cases and disputed debts, including for example:

    • Temp to perm fees.
    • The debtor engages the candidate for a position other than the one the CV was intended for.
    • The candidate leaves within the rebate period, but the debtor has breached the terms of business (usually by non-payment) negating their right to the rebate/replacement candidate.
    • The debtor employs the candidate via another agency after our client has sent in the candidate’s CV.
    • The candidate contracts with the debtor as a sole trader or via a 3rdparty.
    • The debtor has used a separate business to hire the candidate.
    • Back door hire cases.


You can find final demand letter templates and useful advice on how to resolve disputes and protect yourself from bad debts on our website.