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Company Description

SourceBreaker’s AI-matching technology allows your business to find the best talent first, across your CRM, CV-Databases and LinkedIn.

Candidates are then matched to job leads giving you multiple opportunities to make placements, whilst automated alerts notify you the second new talent and job leads hit the market.

Enable your recruiters to differentiate themselves in the market by giving them access to up-to-the-minute news, salary trends and funding data via the newly launched Intel Centre.

SourceBreaker increases revenue-per-recruiter and frees your team to engage candidates and clients, keeping you ahead of the market.


Product - eSearch taxonomy and job lead parser
Key features & benefits - Easily build out long and complex search terms in CRM with minimal effor. Search and import job leads from corporate job sites
Integrations - Integrated with most of the leading recruitment CRMs
Target customer - Any recruitment agency
Cost/frequency - Circa £60 per user per month


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