One Call to All

Company Description

One Call to All (OCTA) helps recruitment businesses fill jobs quicker than ever while saving time, money and reducing stress through the automation of outbound candidate communication. Everything from calls, texts, WhatsApp, email and web journeys.

We unlock your potential to win by reaching 100s of your candidates in seconds -instantly connecting you to there and then to the those ready to move forward.

Recruiters trust OCTA with everything from the heavy lifting of resourcing and work force management through to managing employer brand – even turning unsuccessful jobseekers into brand advocates and customers.

In a nutshell we help you:

  • Beat your competitors to the best talent
  • Create amazing jobseeker engagement
  • Save vast amounts of time and money
  • Get back to every single applicant
  • Fill more roles quicker than ever
  • Truly control your employer brand

Key features and benefits:

Simple to use feature rich platform that any business can afford.

  • Record and write your job pitch
  • Upload your list of candidates (job board response, database search, direct applicants or all of them!)
  • Hit run

Then all your candidates are called in a matter of seconds and interested candidates call back for free at the tap of a key!

Basic features include:

  • Record and Write
  • Voice & Content Broadcast
  • Candidate tap to call back.
  • Simple and secure uploads
  • Scheduling and spacing
  • API
  • Reporting
  • Voicemail detection
  • Credit Rollover

We can also quickly build at minimal cost user journeys and talent funnels specific to your business and help ensure you always make great hires and never miss the right talent for your business, or simply API into your existing ATS, Talent Pools or CRM.

Every user gets their own API so they can integrate into any product they want.


Aimed at:

Everyone - agency and in house recruiters.

OCTA is used in different ways by different businesses – everyone from the CEO to Sales Support feels the benefit of the OCTA CPaaS (Communication Platform as a Service).