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Company Description

The world’s only complete, end-to-end video solution for agency recruiters.

Odro is the UK’s leading video software provider to the recruitment industry, developed specifically to help agencies streamline their processes and drive profitability. Odro equips recruiters with advanced interviewing, sales messaging and video content creation tools in one complete, end-to-end solution.

  • Vision™- video interviewing: streamline your hiring process with live two-way, solo one-way, video shortlisting and advanced analytics.
  • Capture™- video sales messaging: engage more talent and win more clients with our quick, easy to use and highly effective video engagement tool.
  • Producer™- video content creation: create eye-catching, professionally edited video content quickly and easily, ready to share in a matter of minutes.

Used by thousands of recruiters globally, and with some of the industry's biggest names amongst its growing client base, with Odro you’re in safe hands and great company. The company’s commitment to continuous innovation ensures the Odro platform stays at the forefront of video software. Which means you stay ahead of the competition.


Product & Service details (what problem does the product solve?):

  • Video interviewing
  • Video sales messaging
  • Video content creation
  • Talent Dashboards
  • Data and analytics


Vision™ - Video Interview Software

  • Live two-way interviews
  • One-way solo interviews
  • Shortlisting & analytics

Capture™ - Video Sales Messaging

  • Instant HD sales messaging
  • Boost engagement rates by 80%
  • Real-time notifications

Producer™ - Video Content Creation  

  • Complete video editing suite
  • Job ads & brand promotion
  • Multi-channel distribution

Who are the product and services aimed at:

Exclusively for Recruitment Agencies

Who would use the services? (Recruiters, managers, owners, finance, marketing…?)

Recruiters & marketing staff.

Does the product integrate with other recruitment products? If so, who?

Bullhorn, Vincere, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cube19, Phoenix51 and Paiger