Company Description

JobAdder is a global recruitment software solution that helps tens of thousands of agency and in-house recruiters from around the world, find and manage talent more effectively. Founded in 2006, JobAdder is a pioneer in the local and global recruitment sector. Its technology continues to make the hiring process more efficient for recruiters, increasing productivity whilst enabling them to focus their time where it matters.


Product & Service details (what problem does the product solve?):

JobAdder is able to cater for any type of recruitment, be it permanent or contract vacancies. The platform reduces the time spent on the administrative tasks within the daily life of a recruiter - increasing efficiency.

Improving recruiter efficiency increases productivity, which results in greater revenue gains and winning more business.

A more efficient and productive workforce reduces cost inefficiencies in the recruitment process, and across the business. JobAdder enables a more cost effective way of working, alleviating the need for additional spend to achieve the same result.