Company Description

idibu is a candidate sourcing platform that integrates seamlessly into your Recruitment CRM.

A few clicks gets jobs out to a network of 1000+ job boards quickly and your candidates into your CRM even quicker.

With candidates parsed, you get ahead of the competition by shortlisting quickly and protecting your CRM. Our auto-responders handle the candidate communication and improve Candidate Engagement.

A suite of 15 reports measures board AND consultant performance to maximise ROI from your online spend.

Used by some of the top recruiters across the world, including Pertemps, NES Fircroft, Opus, Meridien, Roth Staffing and many, many more.


Product & Service details (what problem does the product solve?):

  • Streamlines online advertising thus saving hours of recruiter time posting jobs
  • Eradicates unseen candidates/lost data, as all candidate traffic comes into one place (idibu)
  • Improves efficiency with quicker shortlisting of candidates in easy to use traffic light system (Progress-Keep on Hold-Reject)
  • Improves candidate engagement by ensuring communications on application, rejection, progression
  • Improves performance of advertising channels and recruiters with detailed reporting across advertising activity and candidate management.


Key features and benefits:

  • Multi-post to our network of 1000+ boards and social media, streamlines your job advertising and candidate attraction.
  • Quickly source top talent with idibu's advanced search and filtering tools.
  • Enhance candidate experience with automation workflows and instant feedback.
  • Make data-driven decisions with our comprehensive reporting suite. 15 automated reports measure your ROI and improve your recruitment process.

 Who are the product and services aimed at:

  • Recruitment Agencies
  • High volume In House Recruitment teams

 Who would use the services? (Recruiters, managers, owners, finance, marketing…?)

  • Recruiters
  • Marketing Managers/Directors
  • Managers
  • Owners (small agencies)

Does the product integrate with other recruitment products? If so, who?

  • Recruitment CRMs - E.G. Bullhorn, Vincere, Access CRM, eBoss, Seven20




FREE website integration and onboarding for all NEW customers (value £500)