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Company Description

Get-Optimal is a UK based global technology company and diversity and inclusion provider whose core product is Job Ad optimisation. Our core technology optimises Job Ads using AI and ML for diversity, inclusion and SEO.

We're are a single point solution designed and built for direct employers and staffing agencies who work with a decentralized workforce. The highly optimised Job Ads also include gender decoding, which analyses and removes subtle gender-coded language and unconscious bias from all of your Job Ads.

Think SEO for Job Ads. Save time, increase efficiency and boost people effectiveness by automating the part of your job you least enjoy your Job Ads. t takes 15 minutes to be remotely on-boarded, there is no onsite training required and we don’t require any IT or Security integration as Optimal is a SaaS platform hosted in the cloud.


Get-Optimal offers a 20% annual discount to anyone within the MembersOnly network on their first annual

Get-Optimal subscription. Please just quote MembersO-Optimal to your Get-Optimal team member. You
can redeem this exclusive offer by emailing


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