Company Description

Elay is a modern recruitment automation platform focused on helping recruiters deliver personalised conversations to their audience through omnichannel routes. We offer a wide range of automations products such as Chatbots, Email automation, RPA Automation and Data aggregation solutions to help your company automate mundane repetitive and time consuming tasks.


Product & Service details (what problem does the product solve?):

Chatbots – data cleansing, website lead generations, surveys, referrals

Email Automation – Automating outreach to candidates and clients

RPA – Custom robot workflows to build automated journeys.

Data Aggregation – Data scraping, data cleansing, data updating, database hygiene


Key features and benefits:

Full integration with all Major CRM/data providers

LinkedIn Integration

UK based support


 Who are the product and services aimed at:

Our services are targeted towards recruitment companies of all sizes and we are not sector focused.

Who would use the services? (Recruiters, managers, owners, finance, marketing…?)


Sales Team

Internal Hiring


Does the product integrate with other recruitment products? If so, who?

Any email automation platform

Any website platform