Company Description

Ally saves you time.

We do this by performing some of the functions that you do; the research and admin that distracts you from your clients and candidates.

We deliver extremely high quality research.

We understand how important it is that we meet the requirements of the brief.

We can do this because of our unique set up:

Working with Ally

Watch our explainer video.


Key services

  • Market Maps
  • Long Lists
  • Lead Generation
  • Recruitment Virtual Assistant
  • Talent Analytics

In addition to these key services, we offer:

  • Candidate Outreach
      •  Your analyst can send in-mails or emails to the shortlisted candidates based on your process.
  • CRM Integration
      • Your analyst can be trained on the CRM system used internally by you and can help with diverse services available on your CRM.
  • Opportunity Mapping
      • There are three kinds of reports we create, depending on your requirements and priorities:
  • Vacancy
        • Mapping all the relevant open job vacancies from different job portals for the relevant functions.
  • Market Intelligence 
          • Mapping all the current news articles for your relevant industry/list of firms that covers any business development opportunities for you.
  • Contact Map
        • Mapping the specific titles of the decision-makers from the list of firms shared by you. (We can also add the contact information available from extensions.)
  • Live Visual Maps
      •  Live VMs are graphical market maps of the target organizations/ functions. These are customized according to your requirements. The maps contain sector or company hierarchical structure lines. These can be updated on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually).


Ally Discovery

We prove these promises over a fully serviced, completely free, three week Ally Discovery period, which includes an analyst, team lead and ex-search CSM at your disposal for eight hours a day for an entire three working weeks—no cost and no catch. 

If this is of interest please get in touch, we can share more details and references if you need them.


Each potential client would receive a full and free working month for evaluation – a full time analyst for 8 UK hours a day, plus a supporting team lead and CSM