Company Description

AdBuilder helps recruitment agencies quickly create brilliant, bespoke, fully-optimised job adverts that outrank their competition, get seen by more of the right people, and ultimately help them to fill more roles and make more money.

Product & Service details (what problem does the product solve?):

Writing a bespoke job advert from scratch can be a painful, lengthy process.  As a result, recruiters often resort to copying-and-pasting a client’s job spec, and pressing publish and hoping for the best.

AdBuilder removes that pain.

With it, all you have to do is answer a series of questions about the job, the role, the ideal candidate and the hiring company, and AdBuilder does the rest, creating four bespoke, fully optimised versions of your advert in minutes.

You need zero creativity or thought to make it work for you; just some knowledge about the role you’re looking to recruit and the person your client needs to hire.

AdBuilder takes care of the rest.

AdBuilder | Create Fully-Optimised Job Adverts in Less Than 10 Minutes


Key features and benefits:

  • Automates the ad-writing process and enables you to create brilliant bespoke job adverts in minutes
  • Allows you to fill roles you wouldn’t normally fill, and consequently make more money
  • Enables you to stop copying-and-pasting client job specs as your adverts
  • Helps you get your agency’s job adverts to the top of job searches
  • Helps you to attract the best people to your roles without even trying
  • Enables you to increase the efficiency of your agency like never before

Who are the product and services aimed at:

Recruitment agencies of all sizes and in any sector, who publish job adverts online.

Who would use the services? (Recruiters, managers, owners, finance, marketing…?)

Anyone in the business that needs to create a job advert.

Does the product integrate with other recruitment products? If so, who? 

Not yet, but in the next few weeks it will integrate with Broadbean, CV Library, Reed, Jobsite, Total Jobs, Monster and Indeed Sponsored.


20% lifetime discount for members on all AdBuilder.  Standard pricing starts from £20 per month.