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How Recruitment Agencies Can Get The Most Out Of Social Media

A recent survey found 92% of recruiters use social media to increase their brand’s exposure and recruit people – but there’s more to social media than just advertising.

Social media plays a huge part in most people’s daily lives, including when they’re looking for job opportunities.

If you’re a recruitment agency looking to increase your applicant numbers, this is where you should be looking as well.  By directing your efforts to the right social media platforms, you can find highly skilled individuals searching for employment online.

Here’s how you can get the most out of social media and get a strategy sorted for the upcoming months.


Use the right social platforms to build your reputation

To find the best of the best, you need to be able to showcase your agency online in the right places.

By choosing the right social media networks for your recruitment agency, you’ll be able to attract more clients and high quality applicants. Facebook and Twitter offer excellent opportunities to promote your company and get your brand personality across, but if you’re looking for genuinely good connections, LinkedIn is where you need to go.

By embracing LinkedIn, you’ll have the right tools at your disposal to present the perfect pitch to the right audience.


Optimise your LinkedIn profile

Working on your LinkedIn profile is essential to standing out from all the other options candidates have.

LinkedIn is the go-to place for every talented, skilled, hard-working employee when they want to upgrade their career.

Every single part of your profile needs to showcase your unique selling point. Here are a few things to look at (and improve) on your own profile:


What’s your profile photo? 

The first impression you make is through your profile photo. As an agency, you should be using your professionally-created brand assets throughout all of your social media accounts. Consistency is key to create a unified online presence. Basically, use your logo as your profile photo.


What’s your headline (tagline)? 

You have just 120 characters to write a concise, professional headline that says exactly what you do and why your audience should care. Remember, whatever you comment on, react to or share, this tagline will be shown too.


What does your bio say?  

Your bio is where you can really get your brand messaging across. It’s a great place to entice job hunters (and those looking to hire) to browse through your services and current listings.

Don’t waste this space on a copy and paste job from an out-of-date about page an intern wrote five years ago. Take the time to really show your reader why you care about what you do – and when you get that right, they’ll choose you over your competitors any day.

The bio is also where you want to put your keywords. To get the right keywords for your audience, check over your competitors’ listings, what’s trending and what must-haves you need to include.

Formatting your bio to be more than just a wall of text will help your visitors read more of it. One of the most effective ways to break up text is to create bulleted lists.


What’s your public profile URL?  

Often overlooked, make sure your profile URL is personalised!


What are you sharing?

Whenever possible, share interactive content that’s relevant to the industry and your target audience. This includes videos, whitepapers, PowerPoints, video – anything that’s useful for your clients and demonstrates your expertise.


Connect with the right people

Being on social media isn’t enough. You need to post regularly and engage with your audience but you also need to start connecting with the right people.

If you keep your profile specific to your recruitment agency’s niche you’ll be able to attract industry-specific connections.

The golden rule of connecting with people? Don’t send them generic messages. This won’t build a strong connection with anybody – and anyone who’s anyone on LinkedIn gets 100s of generic, copy and paste messages every day.

Genuinely communicate with people, connect with them and provide them with information that is of value to them. If you want to get the right response and build up your connections then you need to take the time to speak to people individually.

Get to know their issues in work. Show your potential connections what you have to offer and explain to them why you would like to keep in touch and why they should keep in touch. Show them why your agency is beneficial to them.

If you rely too heavily on generic conversations and don’t put a lot of substance in your messaging then you’re going to miss out on the chance to make important connections.

You can also take part in LinkedIn groups which are important when trying to broaden your reach on social media. There are plenty of job hunting communities that are perfect for you to join and attract more clients.

If you become active in a relevant group you’ll find it a lot easier to identify top potential clients. Engage with other agencies and companies in the group and post interesting content to get conversations started.

Use video to get attention and engage with your audience

Once you start to establish a presence on your social media you can take this relationship to the next level.

One of the most effective ways to engage with your potential clients is by using videos as a medium to talk to your followers. Social media users are more likely to engage with video than other forms of content.

This is because the human brain is able to process visual information a whole lot faster than text. You can also convey a lot more in a shorter amount of time with video then you can with written content.

You can use video to appeal to your clients and other agencies in your niche by:

  • Hosting live Q&As
  • Showing behind the scenes of your agency
  • Educational videos targeting topics of interest for your audience


Want to learn more about how you can get the most out of your social media platforms? Get in touch today.


This post was by Additivity, a digital marketing agency that specialises in working with ambitious recruitment business looking for growth.

They design best-in-class recruitment websites that work for your business, and run intelligent digital marketing campaigns using the latest technologies to scale your agency.