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Hinterview Launches Bullhorn Integration Upgrade

Hinterview’s goal for 2021 is to change the recruitment game! So far, we’ve introduced a new-look platform, integrated with WhatsApp and upgraded our video engagement tool, Hintro, with custom business cards. But this integration is our most thrilling update yet!

The Recruiter’s #1 Video Tool for Bullhorn

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the Hinterview x Bullhorn Integration.

Hinterview fits with your Bullhorn workflows like no other video platform, giving you everything you need to win more clients and engage the best candidates – without the faff of using multiple systems that don’t talk to each other. What does this integration mean for the user?

  • Use all Hinterview features inside Bullhorn
  • Even more seamless integration of the Client Portal for improved process management
  • Everything is now tracked as a note type
  • Great syncing power means no duplication and more time to do your job!

“Hinterview’s Bullhorn integration is really a game-changer for recruiters and leaders wanting to track their data more accurately. If you’re using Bullhorn and you are in recruitment, you need Hinterview. The integration is 100% seamless, our clients have said this is the easiest and smoothest integration they’ve had from the Bullhorn Marketplace. This has changed the way agencies engage with their markets and make decisions. If you’re curious about what this integration could look like for your team, book a demo! You won’t regret it.” – Sam Cheshire, Sales Director at Hinterview.


“We met a number of video platform providers, and Hinterview stood out from all the competition.”


Want to see this integration in action? Book a quick 30-minute demo (we promise there is no obligation) with one of our friendly team members today. Book a demo now