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Get-Optimal Insights For January 2021

As you know, Get-Optimal is a London based global technology company whose core product is Job Ad optimisation. Their core technology optimises Job Ads using AI and ML for diversity, inclusion and SEO. They’ve also recently become an APSCo affiliate member.

We are delighted to share the Get-Optimal insights for January 2021:


Top 5 Job Ad optimisations by volume and industry type – Data from our UK, US, AUS and NZ clients over a 28 day rolling period:

1. Scientific roles – Biomedical Engineers most optimised role.

2. IT Roles – Data Scientist most optimised role.

3. Financial & Professional Services – Finance Business Analyst most optimised role.

4. Logistics & Warehouse – Warehouse Associate most optimised role.

5. Healthcare and nursing – RGN (algorithms hate acronyms people) most optimised role. It’s still a very challenging hiring landscape, will this change when furlough ends and folks have to return to work?


Top 6 challenges customers have come to Get-Optimal within January 2021:

1. Can you help us, and how do we hire for DE&I?

2. How can I reduce the time my consultants write job adverts and get them searching for candidates?

3. How do I get a better ROI on and

4. We need an affordable alternative to Textio

5. Do you offer a decentralised platform as my team is all remote working now?

6. I’m struggling with quality candidates over the quantity I’m being sent from Job Boards.


This isn’t a you problem, it’s an everyone problem, and it shows significant courage for you to start addressing this recruitment and talent attraction challenge today.



Daniel Fellows is the founder and CEO of Get-Optimal.

Find out more about Get-Optimal here.