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Professional Video With A Smartphone

Professional Video With A Smartphone

Event Details

For people who want to create videos that people stop, and watch. 

These days anyone can create video, all you need to do is point and click.

Creating professional quality video on a smartphone that makes people stop, watch and engage is a different thing entirely.

No Time?

Here’s the headlines:-

  1. It’s designed specifically for busy professionals, so the weekly demand is low but the overall learning is high.
  2. You create as you go, with the group feeding back and you’ll cover the modules shown below.
  3. At the end you’ll have videos ready to publish, but you’ll also have the knowledge and confidence to produce many more.

All delivered over 6 modules:-

Value of Video

Module 1

Value of Video

We explore the different types of video and the advantages of each one.

Value of Video

Module 2

Basics of Filming

How to avoid common mistakes that stop a video being noticed or watched all the way through.

Value of Video

Module 3


A super-simple way to write the words your video’s success depends upon.

Value of Video

Module 4


How to turn some good footage into a great video using free software and apps.

Value of Video

Module 5


A step-by-step process to get a great testimonial that really conveys your strengths.

Value of Video

Module 6


How to create promos that grab attention, build interest and inspire action.


Exclusive Offer

Your investment will be £450 plus VAT. This is a special offer for Friends of Simon Lewis and MembersOnly but, as always, you’ll be covered by the Flair 100% Value Guarantee: we’ll refund all your money if you’re not satisfied at the end.

So if you want to be more confident on camera, utterly self sufficient and now how to create video that captures and engages your audiences attention then click below to sign up and join me and the rest of the group to make your videos stand out from the crowd.

Note: to ensure quality the group is kept small, so there are only 9 spaces available.


Click here to book your place now!