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Generation Z: The Student Labour Force Reshaping Marketing & Recruitment

Generation Z: The Student Labour Force Reshaping Marketing & Recruitment

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The way we view marketing resource is being influenced by today’s dynamic youth. Unlocking potential is the key to success.

An ethical, morally serious generation, Gen Z are mobile, wily, thrifty, and up for the challenge. They demand their brands to speak to them with the level of seriousness and honesty they bring to their interactions with the world, digital or otherwise.

Curious, courageous and tech-savvy, the late-teens/early-20-somethings are forging new paths for themselves and the businesses to whom they inspire.

But just what makes a ‘Gen Z’ and how can you and your business benefit?

Join us for an engaging session as we discuss the power of youth in marketing and business context.

  • Exploring contemporary/relevant marketing techniques, including business conversion to online service offer
  • Enhancing your company “purpose and narrative” through engaging with young talent
  • Accessing cost-effective labour markets
  • Custom building your marketing brand through the Gen Z lens
  • Building brand through social media
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Jasmine Akouiradjemou, Marketing Assistant, MembersOnly

The combination of my work experience and academic studies has allowed me to acquire strong communication, team-working, customer service and marketing skills.

Coupled with my degree-in-progress, I believe I represent the future of marketing hires.




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Alexandra Chirica, Co-founder, Tale

Your life is one long story.

Cradle to grave, with some stuff in the middle. But get that middle bit wrong, and there’ll be no happy ever afters.

This is your tale.

Make it a good one.



Nicola Hayes, Associate Course Director, Marketing Division at London South Bank University






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Simon Lewis, Founder of contemporary recruitment leader network, MembersOnly