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Business Planning

Business Planning

Event Details

In October our seminar will be aimed at business owners, key stakeholders and decisions makers or those looking to enter that space.

As a key stakeholder in a business, there are different financial planning needs and questions you will have.  This month’s seminar will examine the various business protections available to you as well as more general planning topics.

This seminar is specifically focused on the questions every business should be asking themselves.

Guest Speakers

We will be joined by Royal London, the UK’s largest Mutual Life and Pension Provider, talking about business protection by using real-life examples to explain the covers and their uses within your business. Matt Russell, Director at Group Rapport, will be discussing some of the financial planning that the flexibility of being a decision-maker in your business can give you.

How to Attend

We will be running the seminar via zoom webinar although you will not need a zoom account to attend. You can register to attend by clicking the link which will take you to our client seminar portal. If you attended previous events you will be able to use the same login details to let us know you want to attend and receive the call details. We look forward to seeing you there.

Register here: