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Automate & Integrate

Automate & Integrate

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You’re invited! Enhancing your recruitment marketing to engage more clients & candidates webinar

Your recruitment marketing strategy is more important than ever. As the economy reawakens, the clamour to attract candidates and re-engage clients is as fierce as it has ever been.

Volcanic has teamed up with industry experts Force24 and TwoEnds to deliver an insightful webinar which will help you deliver an outstanding recruitment marketing strategy. In a wide-ranging panel discussion, Force24’s Adam Oldfield and TwoEnds Glenn Southam, join Volcanic’s Darren Curtis to discuss many of the agenda items recruitment marketers find challenged by today. Automate & Integrate: Enhancing your recruitment marketing to engage more clients & candidates.

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· Linking sales & marketing to ensure they’re working as effectively as possible

· The myths about marketing automation and looking at the benefits of using it in a recruitment strategy

· Using dynamic messaging to clients & candidates to change depending on how engaged they are with you

· The problem with deliverability and what you need to do to ensure your emails are landing on inboxes

· How you can do more with less from your campaigns

· And more

This guarantees to be an insightful, engaging and educational webinar that will leave you inspired and energised. With technology fulfilling such a valuable role for recruitment agencies, you’ll hear of some latest best practices and how to leverage them for your agency. You’ll be inspired.


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