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Diversity in Recruitment

Engaging, insightful and interactive training sessions,
designed to educate, build recruiter confidence and encourage action.

Course Overview

The Diversity in Recruitment course is a dynamic interactive personal and business development programme, equipping recruiters with the skills, tools and knowledge to support and develop an inclusive recruitment culture.


The course is designed to educate, inspire, build confidence, and, most importantly, encourage action. This means working with a Diversity in Recruitment graduate is an assurance that inclusivity is at the heart of the candidate and client journey.


Completing the Diversity in Recruitment programme requires commitment, a thirst for self-development and a passion to make a change. This course opens the mind to a whole new world of recruiting possibilities, simultaneously unlocking how to correct the mistakes we make every day, providing a platform for recruitment inclusivity.


Graduating as Diversity in Recruitment Certified makes a difference to our candidates, clients, internal culture and all those within our recreational worlds too.

The Diversity in Recruitment programme comprises:

An Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion

  • Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion explained
  • The Equality Act and Protected Characteristics
  • Identity and privilege explained
  • Understanding D&I & the role of a recruiter

Understanding Bias & its Impact on Recruitment

  • How bias & blind spots are formed & what bias is
  • The impact of bias on recruitment, candidates & decision making
  • Mitigating bias from recruitment processes
  • Becoming a conscious & equitable decision maker

Attracting Diverse Talent

  • Understanding under-representation in UK employment
  • The mindset of marginalised candidates
  • Providing candidate psychological safety
  • Inclusive & accessible talent attraction techniques explained
  • Allyship & advocacy

Inclusive Recruitment

  • Language, behaviour & processes that include talent
  • Inclusive recruitment techniques & best practices explained
  • Positive action Vs positive discrimination
  • Technology and digital inclusion

Supporting Clients with D&I

  • Navigating D&I conversations with clients
  • Identifying and benchmarking effective D&I cultures
  • Spotting performative and tokenistic action
  • Advising & supporting clients with their D&I agendas
  • Talking about D&I in applications, bids and pitches

For more information about the Diversity in Recruitment programme, please contact course organiser Simon Lewis on



Joanne Lockwood


SEE Change Happen

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Diversity in Recruitment

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Buckingham Futures

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Inclusive and Allyship