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1PS are a specialist recruitment funder and back-office service provider. We were founded in 2017 as we thought the market was tipped too heavily towards the lenders so we wanted to form partnerships with growing agencies allowing them more freedom and allowing them to grow.

Kudo Back Office

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Kudo makes running your recruitment agency easy. We lighten the load of admin, accounts, billing, timesheet tracking and more. How much of every week do members of your team spend entering data and conducting background and reference checks? How about book-keeping, management reports and managing

Recruitment Accountants

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If you’re concerned, not just about survival, but of making sure that your business is in shape to keep costs at a minimum, profits at their optimum, and that any new legislation is understood and implemented effectively, who can you turn to? Talking to your

Group Rapport

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Group Rapport specialise in providing both personal and corporate financial advice to business owners and other individuals of high net worth. Under the one roof, we offer a comprehensive range of services – investment, tax planning, employee benefit schemes and wealth management – provided with

Lloyds Bank

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Cash is the life blood of any business, so optimising your cash flow is critical to helping your business thrive. Improving access to cash tied-up in your business can bring a range of benefits and provide comfort that, not only can you fund your day-to-day