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Being Different

Welcome to the news feature of the relaunched, rebranded, MembersOnly recruitment leader website.

If 2020 has highlighted anything to our industry, it’s that in a crowded market, differentiation is key. But shining through the haze often requires a rather large torch.

Because the moment a new initiative is launched, someone goes and copies it. And then someone copies that. And before you know it, that point of difference you thought you had has been eroded.

And so you look for another way to stand out. Then guess what!

Technological transitions are another distraction; those gleaming gadgets catching our eye. Magpies that we are.

It’s the fog that frightens and freezes us. But it can free us, too.

Because, really, the only truly distinguishing feature is YOU. Us.

By reframing our mindset through creative evolution, we have the power and capacity to make a difference. A difference that transcends recreationally, as well as commercially. And that’s where the magic really happens.

Step outside our silos and spectate the spectacular. Mediocracy is malevolent in the mist.

And that’s why collaboration has become the byword for success. Only by stepping out of the noise can we hear clearly. Sharing experiences, looking in rather than out, challenging convention, creating something new.

Following the herd is futile. And it’s also very dull.

Be different.