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Angela Cripps acquires Recruiting Gym, a specialist Recruitment training provider and training marketplace

The Recruiting Gym, originally founded by Alex Moyle,  is both a training provider and a marketplace where companies and individuals can access blended learning solutions through instructor-led online programs that blend video, audio and live webinars.

The company was impacted by Covid-19 along with many other providers; however, it has thrived because of its quality online training delivery model and its ability to support other trainers and specialist coaches to create and deliver online solutions.

The gyms growth through 2020 was driven by Angela Cripps, experienced trainer, management consultant, coach, NED, mentor and performance specialist. Angela was brought on by Alex to lead the development of the Recruiting Gym’s course offering.

As of January 1st 2021, Angela Cripps will be the owner of the Recruiting Gym.   

With lockdown still a reality, the Recruiting Gym are offering a 15% discount on any course or consultancy that you buy this year through the Recruiting Gym, exclusively for Members Only.

Simply enter coupon code: top20-2020