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7 Things Recruiters Should Know About Brexit

Four and a half years after the Brexit referendum was held in 2016, the UK Government and the EU Commission agreed an historic trade and security deal which replaced the UK’s application of the EU trading framework on 1 January 2021.

The new laws and regulations will affect the staffing industry in different ways.

Many detailed questions about the new trading relationship remain.

  1. The Withdrawal Agreement – terms continue to apply in 2021 and beyond
  2. Goods and Customs – an implementation period is urgently required
  3. Workers and Immigration – UK employers are facing a cliff edge
  4. Cross-Border Services – the no-deal situation
  5. Finance and Capital – expect restrictions for moving money
  6. Northern Ireland – a complex half-in, half-out solution
  7. The Next Steps – continued negotiations can be expected

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